Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging allows non-invasive methods such as xrays and ultrasound to view the internal organs or bones.



At VetCare we have a high powered Xray machine and a Fuji-CR digital processing system.

What does this mean for your pet? It means less time spent on the xray table - pets appreciate this- and consistent high-quality diagnostic images. We provide images of the chest, the abdomen and bone problems as well as “contrast” studies of the urinary tract and spine where necessary. We also have a separate dental xray machine which enhances VetCare’s dental facility.



Few NZ companion animal practices have ultrasonography available on-site. Ten years ago an Australasian veterinary publication ran a competition in which the prize was 12 months free use of a new ultrasound machine. We submitted the records and xrays of one of our cases and won the competition (always good to get one up on the Aussies). We have been developing our skills in the use of diagnostic ultrasound since, and now have our own human hospital equivalent ultrasound machine.  We regularly see patients referred from other vet clinics around the Bay of Plenty for this procedure. 


Ultrasound allows us to see many things that an xray cannot see. It is very helpful in the gentle assessment of heart problems or in regions of the abdomen or chest where fluid accumulates. And of course it allows the first glimpses of pregnancy!




Diagnostic Laboratory

At VetCare we perform many laboratory tests within the practice. These include tests from lumps and bumps, blood, urine and skin samples. The results are immediately available allowing us to promptly plan a course of treatment or reassure you that no action is required. 

We also use the expertise of specialist veterinary pathologists in Hamilton to help us with cases where more detail is needed.  In most cases we are able to get back to you with the results of these tests in 1 to 2 days.